An upright ornament along the edges or eaves of a tiled roof designed to conceal the joints between the rows of tiles, protecting exposed wooden parts of the architecture from the elements. In ancient times, antefixes were often placed on the roofs of Greek and Etruscan buildings. They were often decorated, and were typically made of terra cotta.

Glossary of Art Terms. 2014.

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  • antefix — ANTEFÍX, antefixe, s.n. Ornament (de pământ ars) aşezat la marginea inferioară a acoperişului. – Din fr. antéfixe. Trimis de ana zecheru, 13.09.2007. Sursa: DEX 98  antefíx s. n., pl. antefíxe Trimis de siveco, 10.08.2004. Sursa: Dicţionar… …   Dicționar Român

  • Antefix — An te*fix , n.; pl. E. {Antefixes}; L. {Antefixa}. [L. ante + fixus fixed.] (Arch.) (a) An ornament fixed upon a frieze. (b) An ornament at the eaves, concealing the ends of the joint tiles of the roof. (c) An ornament of the cymatium of a… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Antefix — Antefix, Dachverzierung, namentlich Verzierung des antiken Tempeldaches; dazu gehören insbesondere die verzierten Stirnziegel, die vor die Decksteine der antiken Dächer gefleckt wurden …   Lexikon der gesamten Technik

  • antefix — [an′ti fiks΄] n. pl. antefixes [L antefixus: see ANTE & FIX] a small decorative fixture put at the eaves of a roof of a classic building to hide the ends of the tiles antefixal adj …   English World dictionary

  • Antefix — Antefixe Klassizistisches Wohnhausdach in Athen …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • antefix — noun (plural antefixae or antefixes) Etymology: Latin antefixum, from neuter of antefixus, past participle of antefigere to fasten before, from ante + figere to fasten more at fix Date: 1832 an ornament at the eaves of a classical building… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • antefix — antefixal, adj. /an teuh fiks /, n., pl. antefixes, antefixa / fik seuh/. Archit. 1. an upright ornament at the eaves of a tiled roof, to conceal the foot of a row of convex tiles that cover the joints of the flat tiles. 2. an ornament above the… …   Universalium

  • antefix — noun a) The vertical blocks which terminate the covering tiles of the roof of a Roman, Etruscan, or Greek temple. b) Any decoration serving to cover the ends of roofing tiles …   Wiktionary

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  • antefix — n. (Architecture) ornament placed at the eave of a tiled roof to conceal the joints where the tiles meet; ornament located above the top molding of a cornice; ornament of a frieze …   English contemporary dictionary

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